Dr. Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM


“My goal has been to study, travel, drink, and eat with others to inspire change”.

-- Jenneffer Pulapaka


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Over the past thirteen years, Dr. Jenneffer Pulapaka’s expertise in podiatric surgery has helped thousands of patients.  She opened her practice in 2005, DeLand Foot and Leg Center (DFALC), where she currently sees patients. DFALC was the first female podiatric surgeon’s office in a community where less than 10% of the surgeons were women. It is the first and longest-running female surgical practice in West Volusia County.   “I believe every patient needs a physician who will be an advocate to help them regain their health”. Her surgical training has taken her to Miami for her residency and the Ilizarov Institute for her fellowship. She was the first certified Women-Owned medical practice in the United States. www.DeLandPodiatry.com

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Women Inspiring Change & Community Development (WICCD) was founded in 2017, by Dr. Pulapaka to encourage women in round-table discussions, podcasts, and talks with decision makers who seek ideal aspirations, goals, missions and objectives while inspiring positive change.  www.WICCD.org

by Women Marketplace is under development by Dr. Pulapaka to provide business women and men a single venue for purchasing products and unique services that are women owned, produced, or designed.  This allows our customers and vendors the ability to secure quality products that are consciously sourced in focused markets, saving them valuable time.  As a business we believe in supporting and nurturing the work of talented women, of all nationalities, working cooperatively with others to uphold equal humanity. www.ByWomenMarketplace.com

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Dr. Pulapaka is also a Co-owner/General Manager and Wine Director of Cress Restaurant, a business dedicated to improving our food system, through local sources, sustainable practices, and refined flavours.  She is a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Blue Ribbon Task Force, a team of culinary advisors that provide guidance and feedback to their Seafood Watch program and sustainable seafood work.  Additionally she has been an active participate in helping and promoting programs by Chef Active Network. CAN is a proud partner with the James Beard Foundation's Chefs Boot Camps for Policy and Change.This program helps chefs use their powerful voice and extensive networks to positively influence changes to our food system.  “Cress has relationships with where our food comes from, with the individuals who are growing them: the farmers, the fishermen, the cattlemen. Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.”  www.CressRestaurant.com

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Dr. Pulapaka’s husband, Executive Chef Hari Pulapaka, has been a driving force along with her family.  Their support enabled Dr. Pulapaka to be recognized in 2013 Top Influential Women in Business Volusia / Flagler County, 2014 Orlando Sentinel Culinary Hall of Fame, James Beard Foundation for her contributions over multiple years,  2015 Wine contributor in Dreaming in Spice, 2014 Founding Member goFLA & #Sunshineplate, 2014 Power Couple Central Florida, and 2014 Emeril’s Florida Season 2 Premiere – Coming to America! Her other projects including two podcast productions From the Blade & Podiatry DocTalk, along with a community program “Cookin’ in a SNAP” to empower and educate individuals about healthier cooking and options on a modest budget.

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“Over the last year, I had been looking for professional leadership and women's rights resources in our area.  I was coming up empty.  This was surprising to me, as my food advocacy experience, with the, ie. James Beard Foundation, Seafood Watch and Wholesome Wave,  had exposed me to a powerful community of women and national advocates in LA, Monterey, Seattle, NOLA, New York, Charleston, Ashville, and DC. I woke up one morning and realized for three decades I had been an accomplished modern-day renaissance woman;  yet, I had not done anything impactful to support women’s rights or leadership in my community. So what was the problem? Women between the ages of 35-55 have done very little to maintain the equality milestones our predecessors created.  We are living in a desert for women's rights and leadership, which spans five counties: Volusia, Lake, Seminole, Orange, and Flagler. I wanted to inspire our community's development.

Women Inspiring Change and Community Development (WICCD) will transition from a one-time event into an annual resource. We have established programs that in these Counties, but they need encouragement to remain current and active. The Chef's Action Network is an example of how hosting a salon or symposium can ignite an advocate or be a catalyst for a stronger community.   WICCD, with its diverse topics, is that broader platform which can drive women to become more engaged or seek out our local programs with a solid foundation that just need to be dusted off.

I want to encourage women in our community to refine their skills, understand women’s struggles, gain strategies to prepare for and negotiate better deals, and energize the advocate within themselves.”